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See What Canadian Immigration Sponsorships Involve

Those who are keen to watch the immigration pattern these days may have noticed that immigration to Canada has gone up by a huge percentage. One thing most people haven’t realized is that they can use the Canadian immigration sponsorships to secure citizenship in this country. Since the process to get a visa to Canada may be tricky for you, it is good to work closely with a competent sponsorship immigration lawyer and get help. Some people prefer seeking citizenship of another country with their relatives or the spouses only, but whichever you choose, you shouldn’t undermine what an experienced immigration lawyer would do.

Many people think about going to Canada, but they don’t take time to know the types of people that can be sponsored. It is wrong to assume that you can get visas for each of your family members since family sponsorship is always limited in some ways. Some people travel to Canada with their conjugal partners, but the rule is that they must be over sixteen years old. However, you are allowed to immigrate with your grandparents and parents if you so wish.

Once your parents are sponsored, the one sponsoring them must indicate their income for some assessment procedures. If the sponsor intends to immigrate with a child, the law regards the child dependent as long as they are 22 years and below. The application process for sponsorship isn’t always easy and smooth especially without the help of a reliable sponsorship lawyer. If you don’t have such a lawyer in mind, you can seek help from your friends or relatives who are well conversant with the sponsorship process.

When it comes to sponsorship issues, you have to meet some requirements otherwise the process would go through. One of the requirements is that the sponsor should be a Canada resident. It’s hard to sponsor your spouse, conjugal partner, or family member if you don’t reside in Canada. It is important to know you need to show that you are sponsoring people you have at heart by showing you would live with them. Once the immigration officials affirm that you depend on social assistance to live, they won’t process your immigration visa.

The sponsor has to agree to offer the person they are sponsoring the basic things they need. People who wish to apply for sponsorship ought to that the process isn’t smooth since the assessment is very strict. The application for permanent residency may be denied if the sponsored person has some medical issues or criminal history. A valid passport is required for permanent residence.

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