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The Flaws You Need to Learn About Jessica’s law

To prevent past sexual offenders from committing the same crime again, California comes up with Jessica’s law. Therefore, the law was created with a good intention of protecting minors against various sex crime. The challenge, however, is that this law has some major drawbacks. To learn more about Jessica’s law, you need to find the top website that published content on this subject. The goal is to learn the stipulations of Jessica’s law and discover the source of the name. Below is what you need to know about the limitations of Jessica’s law.

One of the stipulations of Jessica’s law is the registration of the sex offenders and availing of these records to the public. The problem is that it is difficult for these people to get employment once released for jail. Most employers will not employ someone who has served a jail term. Hence, to get something to do and earn money is extremely hard for registered sex offenders under Jessica’s law.

To protect the minors, Jessica’s law requires the registered sex offenders to stay far away from parks and school. To ease movement, schools and parks are usually in the center of a town. Therefore, for registered sex offenders, it is difficult to find housing once they are out of jail. People when moving will check to see if the neighborhood has a registered sex offender and, if so, avoid that neighborhood. Thus, finding anyone willing to lease his or her property to a registered sex offender is almost impossible.

The other flaw of Jessica’s law is that it may lead to the isolation of the registered sex offenders. Most people try to stay away from people who have served jail terms. People with feeling uncomfortable when interacting with a person with a criminal record. Hence, registered sex offenders struggle to make friends. The reason is that other people will not see the reforms that this person has undergo but the crime he or she has committed. Some may even argue that such a person is likely to rebel against Jessica’s law and repeat the sex offense.

The limitation of Jessica’s law does not mean that it is redundant as it helps keep children safe from known sex offenders. It is crucial to know those sex offenders are also people despite their heinous crime and deserve a chance to be reformed and contribute towards the growth of the society. Thus, addressing the flaws of Jessica’s law does not mean that sex offenders should not be punished but that they need to be given another chance. Thus, the lawmaker has a duty of examining these limitations and deciding the best solution.

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